Yoga Attire – What To Wear To Your First Yoga Class

Yoga is all around us, on social media, on the Internet or walking down the street. You may have heard common misconceptions about yoga: flexibility is non-negotiable, certain body types are important, specific clothing, and the perfect yoga mat. Those misconceptions are just that… misconceptions. Yoga accepts you just as you are in that moment and every moment thereafter.

You just signed up for your very first yoga class and you couldn’t be happier. Then suddenly panic hits you and it feels like a punch in the gut. What are you going to wear? No need to fret! After reading this article you will be ready for your first yoga class and every class thereafter. 

No matter the yoga class, you will need a yoga mat. An inexpensive one will do just fine until you feel comfortable and begin exploring different brands. Pick a yoga mat that feels good to you, not a yoga mat that feels good to others. A large water bottle or a few medium water bottles and a towel are also good to bring. Yoga studios usually have extra yoga mats to rent and other props such as yoga blocks and straps that are used during practice; you can bring those props if you’d like but it’s usually not necessary. 

Now onto the attire. What is good to wear? Any clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Honestly, you can wear leggings (high or low waisted), yoga pants, yoga capris, workout capris, gym leggings or any other type of workout clothes for women. Running leggings or comfy women’s shorts are always great choices. I would highly recommend a comfortable sports bra and top.

( A simple attire like the one pictured above will do perfectly. You can shop yoga leggings here.) 

Your first yoga class will involve a tremendous amount of moving and getting used to the poses and being comfortable in your attire is the most important. A sizable bag to transport all of your belongings along with a change of clothes and post-yoga snack because you will sweat and work up an appetite! Lastly, I recommend that you bring an open mind and a non-judgmental approach.

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